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Bringing the world of mushrooms to your door

Microdose Psychedelics pharmacy is one of the most reliable and efficient Online Shopping stores to get all that you need as far as Psychedelics are involved. Supplying, Psychedelics and pills to our clients is our priority.

We believe psychedelic is more of a journey of experiences, we endeavor to undertake this journey of experiences with our clients with a wide variation of our products. We have DMT for sale, LSD for sale, Mushrooms for sale, MDMA for sale, and more. We also have psychedelic water for sale in the united states and beyond.

*Information About Shipping *
We are reliable and effective in dealing with our clients, longevity and experience have taught us well over time. Should in case there is a mix-up concerning the package in question, a refund will be done immediately or resend a second package depending on what our client will prefer. Shipping within the US takes 1-2 days and out of the US takes 3-4 days maximum. We ship within the US and in Europe, Canada, South America, Asia, Antarctica, and Australia. Once payment is done, we register the package for shipment and our client will immediately get the reference code so that he or she can track the package and know exactly when it will arrive at its final destination. We ship only on Monday- Friday but exceptional cases on Saturday only if the order is placed before 10:00 am. Clients should make sure the receiving address is written correctly to avoid their package being diverted elsewhere.