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liquid Ketamine for sale is a dissociative anesthetic that has been available in human and veterinary medicine by prescription in the U.S. since the 1970s. In addition, dissociative drugs can contribute to vision, colors, sounds, and the world becomes distorted. In addition, intravenous(IV) injection, is available in a clear liquid or off-white powder form. Once again, phencyclidine (PCP) and dextromethorphan are other dissociative medications (DXM).

ketamine liquid for sale

Ketamine is used by medical practitioners and veterinarians as an anaesthetic. It’s sometimes used illegally by people to get high.

Ketamine is a dissociative drug, which means it acts on different chemicals in the brain to produce visual and auditory distortion, and a detachment from reality.

When it’s sold illegally, ketamine usually comes as a white or off-white powder. It can also be made into pills, or dissolved in a liquid.1

Clinical trials and studies are assessing ketamine as a treatment for depression. Early indications show good results.

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If you take a large amount of ketamine or have a strong batch, you could overdose.

The risk of death from ketamine alone is low, due to its ability to cause unconsciousness with minimal impact on airway reflexes or blood circulation. However, individuals are at a higher risk of physical harm/accidents while under the influence of the ketamine.

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Ketamine can be swallowed, snorted or injected. It’s also sometimes smoked with cannabis or tobacco. The effects of ketamine may be experienced within one minute if injected, 5–15 minutes if snorted, and up to 30 minutes if swallowed. Its effects can last for around an hour, however an individual’s coordination or senses may be affected for up to 24 hours after initial use.


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